Commercial Audio System


A Sound Investment

Background music significantly influences consumers’ emotions and perceptions of a store’s atmosphere and a survey by Nielsen, found that 37% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product when they find the in-store atmosphere appealing.

Boosting Sales Through Rhythmic Vibes

Increase Dwell Time, Increase Revenue

Research by the Journal of Business Research suggests that the right music can increase the amount of time customers spend in a store. Longer dwell times provide more opportunities for customers to engage with products, leading to increased sales.

Emotional Connection

Strike the Right Chord with Your Audience

A study from the Journal of Applied Business Research found that music can create a strong emotional connection between consumers and brands. By curating playlists that resonate with your target audience, you’re not just selling products; you’re creating memorable experiences. 

Keep Them Coming Back for More

Foster Customer Loyalty with Sound

According to a report by Mood Media, 84% of customers believe that a store’s atmosphere, including music, influences their decision to return. Building a unique audio identity contributes to a sense of familiarity and keeps customers coming back.

Hitting the Right Note

Optimal Audio Loudspeakers

Optimal Audio offers a range of on wall, ceiling, and subwoofer loudspeakers that produce warm, coherent and rich sound. Designed by world-class engineers, they offer premium sound quality at a cost-conscious price point.

Easy Set Up

Optimal Audio Zonal Controllers

Our Zone controllers  with WebApp  unlock the full potential of our loudspeakers to ensure optimum sound performance and provide full flexibility for the retail store for when music starts and finishes in a given zone and the sound level in those respective areas. These settings can easily be replicated for a chain of stores too.

Easy To Use

Retail staff focused on shoppers

It’s critical that staff are focussed on shoppers and not being distracted by having to manage a complex sound system. With Optimal Audio, staff can be presented with a simple user interface from any device, or if a dedicated user control solution is preferred, ZonePad is an elegant wall-mounted control panel that is easy to use.

Sound Systems for Retail

Premium Retail Outlet

Small Retail Outlet

Retail Shop and Retail Chain Sound System FAQs

A commercial audio installation for a retail shop or retail chain involves designing and setting up an audio system tailored to the specific needs of the retail environment. This includes selecting appropriate speakers, amplifiers, controllers, and audio sources, as well as ensuring proper installation and configuration for enhancing the shopping experience and achieving marketing objectives.

Audio is essential for creating an immersive and engaging shopping environment that attracts customers, enhances brand identity, and influences purchasing decisions. It can set the mood, convey brand messaging, highlight promotions, and create a pleasant atmosphere for shoppers.

Factors to consider include the size and layout of the retail space, the target demographic and brand image, the types of products or services offered, the desired ambiance or theme, and any specific audio requirements such as background music, announcements, or interactive experiences.

Suitable speaker types may include ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers or subwoofers depending on the aesthetics, acoustics and needs of the retail space.

Integration with other technologies can be achieved through networking protocols or control interfaces, allowing for synchronised content delivery and centralized management of audiovisual elements.

Depending on the location and jurisdiction, retail shops or chains may need to adhere to regulations related to noise levels, electrical safety, and licensing requirements for playing music or broadcasting advertisements. Compliance with industry standards for audio quality and performance may also be necessary. A recognised system integrator or installer will be able to further advise.

Optimal sound quality and coverage can be achieved by strategically placing speakers to evenly distribute sound throughout the retail space, using appropriate amplification and signal processing equipment, and conducting regular maintenance and tuning of the audio system.

Common challenges include selecting the right equipment for the retail environment, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure and technologies, addressing acoustic challenges such as background noise or reverberation, and coordinating installation activities around business operations and customer traffic.

Yes, Optimal Audio systems are versatile enough to support live events, product launches, or promotional activities in addition to background music and announcements.

Firstly, Optimal Audio equipment comes with a two-year guarantee so that provides piece of mind. Retail stores can aid longevity by working with experienced audio professionals for system design and installation, following recommended maintenance procedures, providing proper power conditioning and surge protection, and training staff on how to operate and troubleshoot the audio system effectively. Regular inspections and upgrades can also help keep the system up to date and performing optimally. Your system integrator or installer may also offer maintenance services.

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