Commercial Audio Controllers

The multi-award winning Zone is the heart of our eco-system and provides the foundation to deliver efficient, high-quality multi-zoned commercial sound systems

With onboard DSP, highly flexible signal routing and HDMI connectivity, Zone provides everything required in a single compact unit to deliver high-quality multi-zoned commercial sound systems. Zone is easy to install, intuitive to operate and comprise 4 or 8 zone powered and non-powered versions.

Compatible with any device, WebApp is the ‘secret sauce’ that unlocks the technology and capability behind the Zone series for the system installer, while presenting the end user with an intuitive and simple interface to control the sound system.

For the integrator, WebApp provides a visualisation of the entire system and complete configuration can be achieved for refined sound in every room.  Additional features include ducking, limiters, metering, microphone volume, advanced signal routing, bridge mode for low impedance and 70V high impedance speakers, programmable presets, timed events and daily reset routines, returning the system to its original configured set up.

Traditionally, the control and operation of commercial sound systems has been a complicated inconvenience to many venue staff, who just want the system to work. WebApp, on the other hand, provides slick touchscreen-optimised controls enabling staff to easily operate the system and focus on the job in hand.

If a dedicated user control solution is preferred for the venue, ZonePad is an elegant wall-mounted source and zone control panel that is simple to configure and easy to use. Comprising both a single zone and 4 zone option, ZonePad provide users clear and simple access to the essential controls for an Optimal Audio system.

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Commercial Audio Controllers FAQs

A commercial audio controller is a device used to manage and regulate audio signals within a commercial setting. Unlike traditional audio equipment like amplifiers or speakers, controllers focus on routing, mixing, and processing audio signals to achieve specific outcomes, such as zoning, volume control, or source selection. Optimal Audio’s mult-award winning Zone controllers are a must consideration as part of your installation project.

Various industries rely on commercial audio controllers, including hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars), retail (stores, shopping malls) and education (schools, universities), and Optimal Audio’s Zone controllers excel at providing solutions for small-to-medium sized multi-zone venues.

Optimal Audio Zone controllers come in a 4 or 8 zone powered and non-powered versions. The integrated WebApp unlocks the full potential of our portfolio via EQs, speaker presets, structured time of day routines and so much more.  An intuitive interface can also be tailored for the venue staff or if a dedicated user control solution is preferred for the venue, ZonePad is an elegant wall-mounted source and zone control panel that is simple to configure and easy to use. 

Businesses should consider factors such as the size and complexity of their audio system, the number of zones or channels required, compatibility with existing equipment, and scalability for future expansion. Our applications page highlights a variety of venues and suggestions on which controller is most suited to the needs of that facility.

Common features include zone routing and grouping, individual volume control for each zone, priority paging or emergency override, scheduling and timer functions, and compatibility with multiple audio sources and formats. Thankfully, Optimal Audio Zone controllers do this and more thanks to the addition of WebApp which is compatible with any device. Not only does this give full flexibility to the system integrator to tailor a system to the absolute needs of a venue but also provides the simplicity of operation to keep staff focussed on the job at hand.

Depending on the industry and location, businesses may need to adhere to regulations related to electrical safety, electromagnetic interference, accessibility for individuals with disabilities, and compliance with industry standards for audio quality and performance. Declarations of conformity for Optimal Audio products can be found on the support section of the website.

Common issues can include configuration errors, signal routing problems, compatibility issues with audio sources or amplifiers, firmware/software glitches, and network connectivity issues. However, with Optimal Audio everything is designed to work together in harmony while making every day operation easy. Equally, a recognised system integrator or installer will ensure the proper installation of an Optimal Audio system.

Firstly, Optimal Audio equipment comes with a two-year guarantee so that provides piece of mind. Businesses can aid longevity and reliability by following recommended maintenance procedures, keeping firmware/software up to date, providing proper ventilation and environmental control for equipment, and investing in surge protection and backup power solutions to prevent damage from electrical issues. Regular testing and monitoring of the system can also help identify potential issues before they escalate. Your system integrator or installer may also offer maintenance services.