Commercial Audio System


A Symphony of Hospitality

From a hotel’s first impression to its last, music serves as the invisible thread that weaves through each guest’s stay and contributes to enhanced hospitality.

The Versatility of Music

Enhancing Varied Spaces

Background music in communal areas influences guest experiences across hotel spaces. A study in the Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services found that the different genres of music can enhance productivity or heighten a sense of relaxation. Tailor your playlists in different zones to cater for the needs of your guests at different junctures in their stay.

The Culinary Harmony

Elevating Dining Experiences

Music is a vital element in creating memorable dining experiences within hotel restaurants. According to a study by the Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly, the right musical accompaniment enhances the perceived quality of food, making meals more enjoyable for all guests.

Sonic Branding for All

Crafting a Memorable Identity

The International Journal of Hospitality Management highlights that music significantly contributes to brand perception. Utilise carefully chosen soundscapes and music to reinforce your hotel’s personality, creating a distinctive and memorable experience that resonates with guests and encourages them to return.

The Melody of Positive Reviews

Improve Your Ratings

In the world of drama production, audio is the unsung hero behind every riveting performance. From conveying dialogue with clarity to adding depth through sound effects and music, a well-designed sound system brings productions to life in ways that captivate audiences and transport them to new realms

Hitting the Right Note

Optimal Audio Loudspeakers

Optimal Audio offers a range of on wall, ceiling, and subwoofer loudspeakers that produce warm, coherent and rich sound. Designed by world-class engineers, they offer premium sound quality at a cost-conscious price point and can cater for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Easy Set Up

Optimal Audio Zonal Controllers

Our award winning Zone controllers provides the foundation to deliver efficient, high-quality multi-zoned sound systems. When combined with WebApp you unlock the full potential of our loudspeakers via onboard EQs, speaker presets, structured time of day routines and so much more.

This is critical, not to just ensure the sound performance is at its optimum, but to also provide full flexibility for a hotel’s needs for when maybe music starts and finishes in a given zone and the sound or bass level in those respective areas. These settings can easily be replicated across chains of hotels as well.

Easy To Use

Staff Focused on Guests

It’s critical that staff are focussed on guests and not being distracted by having to manage a complex sound system.

That’s the beauty of Optimal Audio as following installation, staff can then be presented with a simple user interface which allows them to easily operate the system from any device, or if a dedicated user control solution is preferred, ZonePad is an elegant wall-mounted control panel that is easy to use.

Sound Systems For Hotels


Hotel Sound System FAQs

A commercial audio installation for a hotel involves designing and setting up an audio system tailored to the hotel’s layout, size, and specific needs. This includes selecting appropriate speakers, amplifiers, controllers, and audio sources, as well as ensuring proper installation and configuration for optimal sound quality and coverage in various areas such as lobbies, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and guest rooms.

Audio is essential for creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere in hotels. It helps set the mood, enhance the guest experience, and provide entertainment and information services such as background music, paging announcements, and in-room audio systems.

Factors to consider include the hotel’s size and layout, the types of spaces requiring audio coverage, the desired ambiance or theme, the need for flexibility and scalability, and integration with other hotel systems such as lighting, HVAC, and digital signage.

Suitable speaker types may include ceiling speakers, wall-mounted speakers, and subwoofers depending on the aesthetics, acoustics and needs of each space within the hotel.

Integration with other systems can be achieved through networking protocols or control interfaces, allowing for centralized control and automation of various functions within the hotel. For example, audio systems can be synchronised with digital signage displays for multimedia content.

Depending on the location and jurisdiction, hotels may need to adhere to regulations related to noise levels, electrical safety, and accessibility requirements. Compliance with industry standards for audio quality and performance may also be necessary. A recognised system integrator or installer will be able to further advise.

Optimal sound quality and coverage can be achieved by strategically placing speakers to evenly distribute sound, using appropriate amplification and signal processing equipment, and conducting acoustic analysis and tuning for each space within the hotel.

Common challenges include selecting the right equipment for the hotel’s diverse needs, ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure, coordinating installation activities with ongoing hotel operations, and managing budget constraints while meeting quality standards.

Yes, many Optimal Audio systems support multilingual capabilities, allowing hotels to deliver announcements or audio content in multiple languages to accommodate diverse guests.

Firstly, Optimal Audio equipment comes with a two-year guarantee so that provides piece of mind. Hotels can aid longevity by working with experienced audio professionals for system design and installation, following recommended maintenance procedures, providing proper power conditioning and surge protection, and training staff on how to operate and troubleshoot the audio system effectively. Regular inspections and upgrades can also help keep the system up to date and performing optimally. Your system integrator or installer may also offer maintenance services.

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