Ceiling speakers

  • High quality construction with neutral white finish 
  • Crisp, clear and evenly distributed sound
  • 70V – 100V line amplification with easy access power taps

Bars/Restaurants & Cafes


Wedding Venues


Education Facilities

Houses of Worship

Corporate Offices


Fitness Studios


Up is a series of passive ceiling speakers delivering consistent coverage and crisp, clear sound to a wide range of cost conscious, commercial environments — from hotels and concourses to retail outlets, bars and restaurants.

Each ceiling speaker is finished in neutral white and includes an integral fixing system to achieve a simple and clean installation.

The series supports 70V or 100V line amplification with a range of power taps on the integral transformer to enable levels to be controlled speaker by speaker. All taps are accessible on the front baffle, requiring only the grille to be removed.

SmartAmp  series will provide optimal sound settings as well as limiters to protect the drivers when playing at louder sound levels.  In addition, a  ZonePad  and the WebApp makes setting up a system and end user control, simple and intuitive.

Up 3

Full range, 3” ceiling speaker

Up 4O

Full-range, open-backed, 4” ceiling speaker

Two-way passive, full-range, low profile 4” ceiling speaker

Up 4

Two-way passive, full-range 4” ceiling speaker

Up 6O

Two way passive, full range open back 6” ceiling speaker

Up 6

Two-way passive, full-range 6” ceiling speaker