Take WebApp for a spin

WebApp is available as an offline tool for you to get more familiar with its power and functionality. Download our Desktop Demo for PC and Mac and see for yourself how WebApp is revolutionising commercial audio.

Get behind the wheel

You’ll have access to all the features of WebApp, including customisable zone and input naming, advanced signal routing, ducking, limiters, streaming, programmable presets, system diagram generator and more.

Collaboration at its best

WebApp Desktop Demo allows you to select any Zone unit and configure it, removing the need to be connected to hardware. Export system files from WebApp Desktop Demo and then share with your collaborators for a seamless workflow from system design to installation.

Always current

We’re constantly updating WebApp with new features, like our latest integration with BluOS. With WebApp, installers can upgrade their Zone customers with additional features, adding value to existing installations.

Champion commercial audio control

Once you’re familiar with our Desktop Demo you’ll be ready for the real thing. Hosted on a webserver within Zone, WebApp is one of the key reasons why Optimal Audio won the AV Magazine Manufacturer of the Year 2022.

Ready, set, download

So don’t hesitate, it’s time to get in the driver’s seat and feel the power of WebApp. Download our Desktop Demo and experience the ultimate commercial sound system controller.

WebApp Desktop Demo

Fasten your seat belts

We’re confident that once you experience the power of WebApp you won’t look in the rear-view mirror.

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