Optimal Audio Releases Most Significant WebApp Update So Far

As part of its continuing mission to simplify the world of commercial audio for integrators and end-users, UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has further evolved the user-friendliness of its ecosystem with updates to its WebApp and ZonePad controllers.

WebApp allows users to unlock the capabilities of Optimal Audio’s Zone controller, which enables the efficient delivery of high-quality, multi-zoned commercial sound systems. Compatible with any device, WebApp makes system set-up straightforward, after which a simple user interface is presented to venue staff for easy operation.

Amongst the new features unveiled as part of WebApp 1.3, comes the biggest update for ZonePad so far, with the ZonePad 4 now able to be configured as a single zone controller with up to four routine triggers. This allows venue staff, at the push of a physical button, to trigger pre-configured groups of presets – for example, altering audio output routing, source selection and EQ, or triggering playback of a specific playlist from a supported streaming device. ZonePad 1 is also updated to allow routing of its local mic input to the system mic, making this in-Zone mic available across the wider system.

A further headline feature of WebApp 1.3 is the addition of soundtrack your brand to supported music streaming platforms. Customers who purchase Soundtrack Player, which is licensed for business use and has more than a thousand pre-made playlists for every venue type, can take advantage of this quick and easy integration with WebApp.

With a further raft of new audio system and workflow visuals also added, all aimed at simplifying system setup and operation, Matt Rowe, Engineering Manager at Optimal Audio, is pleased with WebApp’s continuing development:

“We both continue to respond to the needs of the market while also innovating, thereby to ensuring our eco-system is the definitive for small-to medium multi-zone venues. Every update works to extend what is possible for integrators whilst simultaneously preserving the simplicity of operation for end-users.”

WebApp: https://optimal-audio.co.uk/products/controllers/webapp/

WebApp Desktop Demo: https://optimal-audio.co.uk/products/controllers/webapp-desktop-demo/

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