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Optimal Audio Launches Party Series for KTV in China

UK manufacturer Optimal Audio has announced the launch of its Party Series of on-wall loudspeakers, designed specifically for the flourishing entertainment and KTV market – China’s favourite pastime.

With a professional appearance and comprising 10”, 12” and 15” full range, two-way passive loudspeakers, Party Series delivers rich and detailed sound and can be flexibly mounted for simple installation.

Premier KTV rooms demand superior sound with emphasis on warmth, clarity and smooth response, supporting the vocal presence required to elevate the karaoke experience. Each stylishly designed Party enclosure provides impressive bass and mid-band, with the clarity of vocal and high note projection essential for the discerning karaoke performer.

Significantly for some KTV rooms where space or restrictions preclude subwoofer support, Party Series loudspeakers are rear-ported, coupling their low-frequency output to walls or ceilings to produce enhanced bass output that can be felt without the need for additional subwoofers.

Optimal Audio’s Amp series is perfect amplifier partner for Party, delivering high SPL for many hours, whilst the internal crossover network technology protects the low and high frequency drivers, assuring a reliable and uninterrupted Karaoke experience.

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