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AVEDO installs Optimal Audio system for multi-use community centre

The function room of the Community Centre in Assentoft in Denmark is used for a wide variety of events, with meetings, formal dinners, parties and screenings of sports events all taking place in the venue. The facility’s management team recently decided to invest in a new audio system as they felt an upgrade of their facilities was necessary to improve the experience of the different groups using the facility.

The system in place was more than 25 years old and site manager Steffen Larsen engaged installer Simon Voigt Laursen of AVDEO to supply a solution. The project’s aim was to deliver superb audio quality from an easy to operate, zoned system.

Simon designed a complete Optimal Audio solution based on the Zone 4P 4-zone audio controller with DSP, amplification and WebApp. He comments:

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with this product. The Zone 4P DSP is the easiest I have ever installed! With this quality of technology and ease of setup, you’d also normally expect a much higher price point. It’s extremely intuitive to setup and configure, with the result that the whole configuration for the Community Centre was done within an hour.

“I like the fact that there are two Mic inputs on the back of the Zone 4P, with easy to configure basic EQ. It seems like everything is designed to make the installation/configuration process easy for the installer.”

Site Manager Steffen Larsen was effusive in praise:

“Just as we have a very wide range of applications to cover with the system, so we have a wide range of users who have varying levels of technical skill. The ease of use of the Zone 4P and WebApp removes any complications – everyone can use the system with confidence, and it sounds fantastic!”

Two Optimal Audio Cuboid 8 loudspeakers and a SmartAmp 30 amplifier were supplemented by five ADORN loudspeakers from sister company Martin Audio. The presets for both Cuboid and ADORN units are contained within the Optimal Audio WebApp, once again making for easy installation.

Simon’s view of the Optimal Audio loudspeakers was consistent with his appreciation of the Zone4:

“The 8-inch Cuboid 8 speakers are easy to install with the U brackets and suit the room really well, while the presets in the SmartAmp 30 make the configuration of the speaker very easy. As well as being wonderfully easy to install and use, the system sounds amazing and the customer is very happy.”

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