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Optimal Audio Releases Most Significant WebApp Update So Far

Welcome to Optimal Audio, the new home of commercial audio where products are beautifully designed, easy to install and intuitive to operate.
Ideally suited to multi-zoned venues, Optimal Audio offers an eco-system approach of commercial audio controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers which together with our WebApp enables the system integrator to fully tailor a commercial sound system while providing venue staff with simple control.

Multi-award winning, Optimal Audio provides the confidence of quality audio for memorable nights of entertainment, engaging retail spaces,  ‘go-to’ restaurants and bars, inspiring lessons for the next generation and uplifting houses of worship.

Commercial Audio Controllers, Amplifiers and Loudspeakers

A one stop shop solution of multi-zone audio controllers, power and smart amplifiers, and a range of on wall, in ceiling and pendant loudspeakers provide all of the essentials for your commercial audio project.

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A British brand and part of the Focusrite Group, Optimal Audio enjoys a wealth of engineering expertise to deliver on its promise to demystify commercial audio while providing exceptional audio and easy-to-use systems.

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Commercial Audio FAQs

Commercial audio refers to audio systems designed for use in commercial or business environments, such as restaurants, retail stores, offices, and public spaces. These systems are typically larger in scale and designed to meet the specific needs of the business, such as providing background music, paging systems, or public announcements.

Various industries use commercial audio systems, including hospitality (hotels, restaurants, bars), retail (stores, shopping malls) and education (schools, universities), and Optimal Audio excels at providing solutions for small-to-medium sized multi-zone venues.

Key components include controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers which is why Optimal Audio focuses upon these three primary categories. Of course our solutions will also integrate with other audio sources such as media players or streaming devices mixers, or additional components such as microphones, cabling, and networking equipment.

A commercial audio system can enhance ambiance by providing background music tailored to the business environment, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers or clients. It can also facilitate clear communication through paging systems or announcements, improving customer service and operational efficiency.

Yes, businesses need to consider regulations related to noise levels, electrical safety, and accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, adherence to industry standards for audio quality and equipment installation may be necessary. A recognised system integrator or installer will be able to guide any business through these considerations. Declarations of conformity for Optimal Audio products can be found on the support section of the website.

Businesses should consider factors such as speaker type (ceiling or wall-mounted), power handling, frequency response, dispersion characteristics, and aesthetics. The size and layout of the space, as well as the intended use of the audio system, will also influence speaker selection. In addition, it’s important to consider ease of operation as well. In our applications section, we provide some useful guidance but a recognized system integrator or installer will be able to guide any business through these considerations.

We’re called Optimal Audio for reason so our solutions are designed to ensure sound quality and coverage, using appropriate amplification and signal processing equipment, alongside being able to tailor systems via our WebApp to be best suited to the needs and operation of the business.

Common issues can include sound distortion, inadequate volume levels, equipment failure, wiring problems, interference from other electronic devices, and compatibility issues with audio sources or control systems. Thankfully, with Optimal Audio we focus on an eco-system approach so everything works in sync and with WebApp the system can also be tailored to the needs of a given venue. In addition, a recognised system integrator or installer will ensure the proper installation of an Optimal Audio system.

Yes, Optimal Audio prides itself on being able to deliver high quality systems but at a cost competitive rate. Furthermore, our eco-system approach of controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers means everything works in harmony, while our WebApp receives added features over time enhancing the system already installed.

Firstly, Optimal Audio equipment comes with a two-year guarantee so that provides piece of mind. Our products are also carefully designed to work together, ensuring both the integrity and performance of the system is the best that it can be. Our WebApp also receives updates each year enhancing the features of the control system already installed. In addition we recommended that any software/firmware is kept up-to-date, and to follow recommended maintenance procedures for equipment, while providing proper ventilation and environmental control as well. Regular testing and monitoring of the system can also help identify potential issues before they escalate. Your system integrator or installer may also offer maintenance services.